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Tesla's Share Slump Deepens On Cuts In Model S, X Production

23 Jan 2019 18:50

January 2019 has been a rollercoaster for Tesla shares, which gained on its plans for China but have plunged since it unveiled job cuts on January 18.

House of Marley Brings Nature And Tech Together To Cut Down On E-Waste

23 Jan 2019 18:46

E-waste is making headlines at the World Economic Forum in Davos, encouraging brands to start thinking about the materials they use. House of Marley, an audio brand inspired by Bob Marley, has been working on it for a decade, putting organic cotton, hemp, and recycled aluminum in their gear.

Carbon Emissions Still Climbing. History Shows Us What We Need To Do

23 Jan 2019 18:41

Global carbon emissions continued to rise in 2018, suggesting we have to act now to avoid catastrophic impacts from a warming climate. History offers an example of how it can be done.

Chinese Internet Searches May Signal A Weakening Economy

23 Jan 2019 18:30

There’s no end in sight to the trade war between the US and China. Beijing has many tricks up its sleeve. But China’s labor market has its own dynamic. The first signs of Chinese economic weakness are showing up.

The Ethics Of Data Governance - 'Data Comes With Benefits And Liabilities'

23 Jan 2019 18:28

Enterprises, governments and consumers alike are beginning to appreciate the value and vulnerability of data, and how important it is to properly handle data and the algorithms that feed on it. I spoke with Stan Christiaens of Collibra about the moral impetus of gathering, using, and regulating data

Could Trump And Hill Democrats Make A Deal To Curb Medicare Drug Prices?

23 Jan 2019 18:26

Despite their recent antagonism, President Trump and Congress could agree to cut Medicare drug prices.

IBM's First Commercial Quantum Computer

23 Jan 2019 18:21

For the first time, IBM has released a quantum computer that can be used outside the research laboratory.

Halliburton's North American Business Underperformed In Q4, Will It Improve In 2019?

23 Jan 2019 18:11

Halliburton published its Q4 2018 results on January 22, reporting a than better than expected set of earnings that was driven by strong international activity (revenue up 7% sequentially), with oil companies increasing their spending

Once They Were Companies, Now They Are Platform Businesses

23 Jan 2019 18:08

Platforms promise network effects, which depend on the type of business and motivations.

Ford Plans To See How Small Of A Pickup Americans Really Want

23 Jan 2019 18:06

As Ford removes sedans from its lineup, it is putting more utility vehicles in the showrooms, like, potentially a compact pickup built on an extended Focus platform.

These Are The Best Hotels In The World For 2019 Unveiled By TripAdvisor

23 Jan 2019 18:06

If you're planning to travel anywhere this year, consider these award-winners when deciding where to stay (and where to go).

New Liquid Biopsy Test Detects Progression Of Brain Cancer, But It Doesn't Use Blood

23 Jan 2019 18:00

Standard liquid biopsy tests use blood to detect circulating tumor DNA. This new liquid biopsy for brain cancer uses something different.

Blockchain Technology Has Inspired An Entire Crypto-Themed Artwork Movement

23 Jan 2019 18:00

Blockchain Technology has sparked a new medium of crypto artwork inspired by bitcoin, systems of decentralization and financial freedom.

Career Owner's Digest -- McDonald's Australia woes, Job Switchers' prospects and Jack Bogle, RIP

23 Jan 2019 18:00

Here's another selection of news from around the world to exercise your career owner's mind.

IRS Workers Are Calling Out During The Shutdown, Raising Questions About Tax Season & Tax Refunds

23 Jan 2019 17:54

Less than a week before tax season is slated to open for the new filing season, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doors remain largely closed. As tens of thousands of IRS employees are ordered back to work without pay, some are asking for permission to stay home. Here's what you need to know.

Far Cry New Dawn

23 Jan 2019 17:53

Pedro Capo And Farruko Climb Billboard's Latin Charts, Eyeing The Hot 100

23 Jan 2019 17:53

The somewhat unlikely pair's "Calma" hits No. 6 on Hot Latin Songs, thanks largely to streaming gains.

How Will J.K. Rowling Continue To Dominate Markets In 2019?

23 Jan 2019 17:49

Listed as #42 on the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities List, with estimated earnings of $54 million as of July 2018, J.K. Rowling continues to dominate markets over twenty years on from the publication of the first ''Harry Potter' book. What can we expect in 2019?

Dell Launches New Ubuntu-Powered XPS 13 9380. Nose Cam Not Included

23 Jan 2019 17:47

Newer hardware, better suspend-to-idle support, and no nose cam. The best Ubuntu laptop gets even better.

Far Cry New Dawn's New Story Trailer Has A Seriously Crazy Twist

23 Jan 2019 17:45

In 'Far Cry New Dawn' you'll make a deal with the devil. The game's new story trailer has a fantastic twist.

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