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Finding Value With Russian and Chinese ETFs

20 Feb 2018 11:36

With the US markets appearing expensive, which international markets offer better value? We investigate two of them via ETFs.

You Can Now Invest In Rare Whisky Via The Stock Exchange

20 Feb 2018 11:36

The Single Malt Fund is opening in March and will be traded on the Stockholm stock exchange.

Emma Gonzalez: A Young Orator Rises Above The Florida Shooting Tragedy

20 Feb 2018 11:09

Soaring rhetoric for a soaring orator

SMOG Has As Much Deodorant As Diesel In It

20 Feb 2018 11:00

A new report shows that SMOG is increasingly made up of volatiles organic compounds from our personal care products like hair spray, cleaning products, pesticides, and glues. And their concentrations are now approaching those VOCs coming from burning fossil fuels.

Judge And Stanton Are Motivating Yankees To Pursue New Baseball And Business Opportunities

20 Feb 2018 11:00

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have restored the "World Series or bust" mantra to the New York Yankees. As the Yankees begin their full squad spring training workouts, there seems to be a renewed energy and aggressiveness which is also encouraging new baseball and business opportunities.

Three Steps To Reinvent Your Marketing To Compete In A Content-Driven World

20 Feb 2018 11:00

The key is putting the customer first and focusing on their needs, not yours.

'The Looming Tower' Review: The Definitive Dramatization Of The Pre-9/11 War On Terror

20 Feb 2018 11:00

Hulu's 'The Looming Tower' is the definitive take on the lead-up to 9/11 within the U.S. intelligence community.

Here's What Jeff Bezos' Healthcare Initiative Means For The Rest Of Us

20 Feb 2018 11:00

Can Jeff Bezos revolutionize the U.S. healthcare? It’s too big a challenge, even for such a powerful entrepreneur. But, he will advance the frontier in important areas, and others can benefit from these reforms and the products and services they create.

Il sigaro toscano: eccellenza e tradizione, con uno sguardo al futuro

20 Feb 2018 11:00

Intervista ad Aurelio Regina, presidente e azionista della Manifatture Sigaro Toscano.

How Trusts And Estates Lawyers Can Profit Serving The Super-Rich And Single-Family Offices

20 Feb 2018 10:57

When it comes to creating an exceptional high-net-worth legal practice, for most private client lawyers, a handful of these families or firms as clients can produce incredible revenues.

BP Boss Says Energy Industry 'In A Race To Lower Emissions, Not A Race To Renewables'

20 Feb 2018 10:57

Bob Dudley believes the world remains on a broad and historic course for the most diversified fuel mix ever.

How Tech Entrepreneurs Lose Out When Selling Their Companies

20 Feb 2018 10:40

For tech entrepreneurs, focusing on the sale of their companies, coupled with using state-of-the-art wealth management strategies, results in maximizing personal wealth from the sale of their firms.

USA Gymnastics Shows What Not to Do to Produce a High Performance Culture

20 Feb 2018 10:27

The USA Gymnastics scandal involving sexual abuse by the team doctor Larry Nasser reveals mistakes that can and should be avoided by other organizations that must have a high performance culture. The Navy SEALs, NASA, and Amazon show how to have healthy a high performance organizational culture.

'Cross Examination Is Going To Be Brutal': NYU Law Prof Says Climate Change Litigation Is A Loser

20 Feb 2018 10:18

California officials who made dire climate change predictions about their localities' futures in litigation against energy companies, but not in bond offerings, probably know by now their litigation is doomed, a New York University law professor says.

Ao Yun Proves China Can Produce Wines That Can Compete With The Best

20 Feb 2018 10:11

China is starting to make wines that compete with the best in the world. Find out how Ao Yun is redefining how the world will view wines 'Made in China'.

What The Decline In The Olympics' Ratings Says About The Future Of TV?

20 Feb 2018 10:03

Television ratings can be twisted in countless ways to suit the purposes of the person presenting the information. The Olympics are a case in point.

OracleVoice: Can Virtual Reality Open STEM Education And Jobs To More People?

20 Feb 2018 10:00

Oracle-backed education technology startup experiments with artificial intelligence to understand how students learn, and how applying machine-learning algorithms could guide their progress.

WorkdayVoice: In Good Company: The Year Ahead for CFOs

20 Feb 2018 10:00

In 2018, businesses will contend with all kinds of change, from tax reform to shifting workforce demographics to evolving consumer tastes. KPMG Principal Joe Moawad discusses the biggest issues impacting businesses and how the CFO role and finance organization are evolving to support these changes.

Dear Freelancer: 5 Things To Consider Before Taking That Side Gig

20 Feb 2018 10:00

Taken on a side gig can be a rewarding experience in many ways but it can also turn into a nightmare. Here are some ways to ensure that you make the decision that's right for you.

Electric Vehicle Growth Could See Oil Demand Peak By 2030

20 Feb 2018 09:52

New report says developments in 2017 show technological changes and greater product awareness could lead to annual sales of 10 million battery-powered EVs by 2025.

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