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Snap's Q2 Preview: Can Android Continue To Drive User Growth?

22 Jul 2019 15:10

Snap reports its Q2 results on Tuesday, July 23. The company’s Q1 had beat consensus expectations on revenue and EPS thanks to a better-than-expected user growth. Trefis estimates that Snap’s stock has a fair value of $10, which is roughly 30% below the current market price.

A $30,000 "Crazy Rich Asians" Tour; The Most Valuable Sports Teams; New Tesla Roadster's Incredible Specs

22 Jul 2019 15:08

Topline: Check out our just-released list of the most valuable sports teams; We speculate on the tech behind the latest Tesla Roadster's specs; For $30,000, you can live like the characters from Crazy Rich Asians during a six-day luxury tour.

Huawei Shock: Leak Of Secret Data Shows Illegal Trade With North Korea, Report

22 Jul 2019 15:06

A huge issue for Huawei has erupted just as it seemed to have escaped the worst of the U.S.blacklist, leaked documents appear to show the company smuggling technology across the border to North Korea for years. What now for the blacklist backtrack?

Macroeconomic Headwinds Would Have Hurt UBS's Q2 Results

22 Jul 2019 15:05

UBS will kick-off the earnings season for European banks on Tuesday, July 23. After reporting a rather soft performance in Q1, the bank isn’t likely to do much better in Q2. Trefis estimates that UBS’s stock has a fair value of $16.50, which is almost 35% ahead of the current market price.

Andrei Arlovski Uses Homophobic Slur: UFC Should Enforce Or Tear Up Its Code Of Conduct

22 Jul 2019 15:03

The UFC has a history of going easy on fighters who use homophobic slurs.

Hidden Italy: Insider Luxury Travel with Beyond the Gates

22 Jul 2019 15:03

Travel entrepreneur Alessandro Cavazza de Altamer has the keys to private palaces, castles, villas and masserias all over Italy. And he designs unforgettable trips around visiting them.

Tour de France Rest Day Review: Alaphilippe Holds Onto Yellow, But Chaos Reigns Behind Him

22 Jul 2019 15:01

The Tour de France 2019 has been one of the best in years: Alaphilippe holds the lead into the second rest day, but Thibaut Pinot, Geraint Thomas and Egon Bernal are circling around the yellow jersey.

Why 'Avengers: Endgame' May Not Keep Its Box Office Record For Very Long

22 Jul 2019 15:00

Will Disney allow 'Avatar' to take back its all-time box office record from 'Avengers: Endgame' in order to help promote 'Avatar 2'?

The Best Boutique Hotels in Madrid

22 Jul 2019 15:00

Madrid is full of jewel-box, design-forward hotels. Here are the city's best boutique hotels.

FaceApp's Dangers Are Just The Beginning, Here’s What’s Coming Next

22 Jul 2019 15:00

The app that’s gone viral has raised a lot of questions. But there may be more apps coming which will do things we actually do need to worry about.

Industry Tailwinds Will Help United Airlines' Profits Soar In 2019

22 Jul 2019 15:00

United Airline Holdings is an airline major based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company reported better-than-expected Q2 results last week. Trefis currently has a price estimate of $102 per share for United’s stock, which is roughly 10% ahead of the market price.

Ski Travel Revolution: Vail Acquires 17 More Ski Resorts, Expands Epic Pass

22 Jul 2019 14:57

If you ski or snowboard, your winter fun and travel just got better and cheaper in a big way.

The Challenge For Leaders When Even Their Allies Cannot Agree

22 Jul 2019 14:55

Political parties on both sides of the Atlantic look in danger of falling apart as a result of increasing divisions. Those looking to take charge need to tread carefully.

Two Women Who Lost Sons Become A Force To Boost Safety Of Study Abroad

22 Jul 2019 14:52

The nonprofit Protect Students Abroad aims to help families be better informed and make wise choices to keep students who study in other countries safe.

Equity Gets Smoked under Bondholder Plan, Even as PG&E Smolders

22 Jul 2019 14:49

The plan submitted by PG&E bondholders is only a starting point for negotiations among the many claims and interests. When the smoke finally clears, everyone but existing shareholders should do just fine, although even they might wind up with something.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ DLC Rumor Claims An Alien Undead Nightmare Is Coming

22 Jul 2019 14:46

A rumor is currently making the rounds regarding Red Dead Redemption 2 and the holy grail of video game projects: Rockstar actually deciding to make single player story DLC for its games again.

Robert Tobiassen, A Former TTB In-House Council, Reacts To The Court's Support Of Wine Retailers

22 Jul 2019 14:46

Robert Tobiassen shares his opinion on the latest Supreme Court case decision about wine shipping.

Will Deutsche Bank Successfully Follow Through On Its Biggest Restructuring Plan Till Date?

22 Jul 2019 14:45

Deutsche Bank has yet to successfully turn-around its operations after the impact of the 2008 recession. With an aim to get back in shape, the bank announced its largest restructuring plan till date. Trefis captures the impact of Deutsche Bank’s Reorganization Plan in an interactive dashboard

Andrew Arthurs Named CIO of Interstate Hotels & Resorts

22 Jul 2019 14:43

Andrew Arthurs has been named Chief Information Officer of Interstate Hotels & Resorts. In his new role, Arthurs is responsible for the design and delivery of innovative technical and business solutions to meet the diverse needs of the company and its worldwide hotel portfolio.

Do You Dream Of Ditching The Corporate Rat Race To Start A Business? Here's How To Start Now

22 Jul 2019 14:43

There are many people who harbor ambitions to jettison the 9-to-5 corporate world and try to start a business or do something entrepreneurial. Many people tell me that they would love to do this, but don’t know how to extricate themselves or where to start and what to do next.

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