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Monday's Mini-Report, 1.27.20

27 Jan 2020 22:30

Today's edition of quick hits.

Trump faces pushback from veterans for...

27 Jan 2020 21:29

Trump said "no Americans were harmed" in a recent attack because he saw traumatic-brain injuries as "headaches." Many veterans aren't pleased.

On impeachment, polling points to some...

27 Jan 2020 21:03

Is there "national consensus" on removing Trump from office? No. Is there one on the Senate including new witness testimony during the impeachment trial? Yes.

Melber: 'We just watched Ken Starr punch himself in the face'

27 Jan 2020 20:25

MSNBC chief legal analyst Ari Melber shares his take on Kenneth Starr's testimony during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, calling it a "total, unmitigated legal and constitutional disaster," and that "Ken Starr was out there shadowboxing

Figliuzzi: The only way to combat Bolton testimony would be to put Trump on the stand

27 Jan 2020 20:05

Frank Figliuzzi shares his take on why putting John Bolton on the stand is "scaring" senate Republicans: "The only way you can refute Bolton is putting Trump on the stand."

Indifferent to irony, Ken Starr laments...

27 Jan 2020 20:03

As Ken Starr declares the "age of impeachment," the hypocrisy is obviously breathtaking, but I suspect the subtext includes an unsettling warning.

Win Iowa

27 Jan 2020 18:03

Jimmy Carter was the first presidential candidate to solidify that winning the Iowa Caucus could mean a victory in the White House.

Bolton news creates straightforward test...

27 Jan 2020 17:48

Much of the GOP is prepared to continue to toe the party line, but those in pursuit of the truth don't need much. Two more GOP votes ought to do the trick.

Klobuchar: If GOP isn't sure Bolton, Parnas are telling truth, let them testify

27 Jan 2020 17:23

Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar speaks with Brian Williams and Nicolle Walllace about the new reporting about John Bolton's reported allegations against President Donald Trump, saying that "I literally don't know how our

Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 1.27.20

27 Jan 2020 17:00

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

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