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Trump ends chaotic week blasting anonymous whistleblower as partisan

21 Sep 2019 03:42

We discuss differences and similarities between the whistleblower allegations against Trump when compared to past presidential whistleblowers with Jon Meacham and Michael Beschloss.

Explaining Trump and Giuliani’s allegations against Joe Biden and his son

21 Sep 2019 03:36

We make some sense of Hunter Biden's ties to Ukraine and the allegations Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani have made. Adam Entous of The New Yorker joins.

Trump sending troops to Saudi Arabia after oil site attacks

21 Sep 2019 03:23

The Pentagon is deploying forces after drone attacks on major oil sites in Saudi Arabia that the Trump administration blamed on Iran.

Day 974: Trump reportedly urged Ukraine to investigate Biden's son eight times

21 Sep 2019 03:15

New reports that Trump pressed Ukraine to look into Joe Biden's son is raising questions about whether Trump used presidential powers to put pressure on a political opponent.

Millions stage global strike to protest climate change

21 Sep 2019 03:05

Millions of protesters in over 150 countries worldwide took to the streets to demand their leaders do more to fight climate change ahead of a global climate summit at the United Nations on Monday. Varshini Prakash, who spoke at and helped organize the

Lawrence: the GOP silence is deafening re: whistleblower’s “urgent concern”

21 Sep 2019 03:04

Donald Trump reportedly pressed the president of Ukraine repeatedly to investigate a Democratic opponent. Rep. Justin Amash, who recently quit the Republican party, says Congress must have access to the complaint from the whistleblower. Lawrence

Wendy Sherman on Trump, Giuliani, and the whistleblower complaint

21 Sep 2019 03:03

Wendy Sherman, the former Under Secretary of State, joins Lawrence to discuss Rudy Giuliani's statement that the State Dept. set up his meeting with a Ukrainian official in order to investigate an opponent of Donald Trump.

North American bird population down billions over 50 years: study

21 Sep 2019 01:58

Joy Reid reports on the a new study that finds that the bird population in North American has dropped by 3 billion in the past 50 years.

Climate strike brings millions around the world into the streets

21 Sep 2019 01:52

Joy Reid reports on the modest beginnings of Greta Thunberg's climate change protest in 2018, a year and a month before millions around the world would follow her lead in a global climate strike today.

Trump sending troops to Saudi Arabia; military funds sent to wall

21 Sep 2019 01:45

Joy Reid reports on an announcement by the Pentagon that a "moderate" number of U.S. troops will be sent to Saudi Arabia, as the Trump administration diverts billions from military projects to his border wall, and reportedly intends to reallocate billions

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