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At School, ‘Everyone Vapes,’ and Adults Are in Crisis Mode

21 Sep 2019 05:32

An alarming outbreak of ailments has put teachers and principals into crisis mode.

The Violence That Followed Iraq’s Post-Invasion Spiral

21 Sep 2019 05:28

James Verini is out with “They Will Have to Die Now,” a book about the battle of Mosul and its consequences.

Issa Rae Reads ‘Even in Real Life, There Were Screens Between Us’

21 Sep 2019 05:28

The Modern Love podcast revisits an essay about love in the digital age.

Rare Protests Against Egypt’s Leader Erupt in Cairo and Elsewhere

21 Sep 2019 04:31

Hundreds of young people, responding to online calls for demonstrations against President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, chanted “Down with Sisi” and “Leave now.”

The 19th-Century Troll Who Hated Dirty Postcards and Sex Toys

21 Sep 2019 04:23

Before Gamergate, Anthony Comstock was the original anti-feminist crusader.

Protesting Climate Change, Young People Take to Streets in a Global Strike

21 Sep 2019 03:56

Anxious about the future and angry about the failure to curb the crisis, millions joined an urgent call for action against climate change.

Antonio Brown Is Released by the New England Patriots

21 Sep 2019 03:54

Brown’s brief, rocky tenure with New England ended the same day that N.F.L. officials spoke with an artist who accused the star wide receiver of unwanted sexual advances.

Walmart to End Sales of E-Cigarettes as Vaping Concerns Mount

21 Sep 2019 03:54

Vaping-related lung illnesses have been on the rise, and federal and state health departments are investigating the risks.

The Beauty of Being Bilingual

21 Sep 2019 03:38

The bittersweet discovery that language, and the stories it carries, is not a straight path.

Why Republicans Play Dirty

21 Sep 2019 03:37

They fear that if they stick to the rules, they will lose everything. Their behavior is a threat to democratic stability.

Israel’s Democracy Is Doing Just Fine

21 Sep 2019 03:37

In an age of demagogues, Israelis showed that demagogy doesn’t work.

‘I Can’t Do This’: Imelda Left Texas With at Least 5 Deaths and Historic Rainfall

21 Sep 2019 03:35

One woman was still looking for a missing son after the seventh-wettest tropical cyclone in U.S. history. “He can’t swim,” she said.

Behind the Whistle-Blower Case, a Long-Held Trump Grudge Toward Ukraine

21 Sep 2019 03:32

The president and his allies have been pressing Ukraine for months to investigate Joseph R. Biden Jr., complicating relations between the two countries.

In Shadow of Ukraine Scandal, White House Hosts Second State Dinner of Trump Era

21 Sep 2019 03:32

Scrutiny over President Trump’s behavior with world leaders was a hard-to-avoid theme of the day for the Australian prime minister.

The Bygone Baggage of Joe Biden

21 Sep 2019 03:31

The politics that created the conditions for Trump cannot be the politics that defeat him.

As ‘Moscow Mitch’ Rings in His Ears, McConnell Backs Election Security

21 Sep 2019 03:30

Even if it took a taunt to do it, he approved $250 million for voting protections.

What’s Next for Israel?

21 Sep 2019 03:29

Probably not “peace,” or a Palestinian state any time soon. But certainly political changes and most likely a lesser role for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Joe Biden Has Tense Exchange Over L.G.B.T.Q. Record

21 Sep 2019 03:01

Pressed about his decades-old opposition to same-sex marriage, Mr. Biden pushed back, saying he didn’t “have to evolve.”

Trump Pressed Ukraine’s Leader on Inquiry Into Biden’s Son

21 Sep 2019 02:53

Mr. Trump has been prodding the Ukrainian government to investigate Mr. Biden and his family, but the new whistle-blower complaint has drastically raised the stakes.

Iranian Students Set to Start at U.S. Universities Are Barred From Country

21 Sep 2019 02:23

The students, who were mostly headed to schools in the University of California system, had visas in hand when they were blocked from their flights this month.

Scientists Set Out to Drift With Arctic Ice for a Year to Study Climate Change

21 Sep 2019 02:22

The Mosaic expedition, a $155 million undertaking five years in the making, aims for a better understanding of how global warming will affect the Arctic. 

In Pac-12 Football: Empty Seats, TV Woes and Recruiting Gaps

21 Sep 2019 02:22

The chasm is growing between the Pacific-12 Conference and its Power Five counterparts. And its rescue hopes are pinned on a new TV deal in 2024.

I Buy Kegs for the Office. Do I Have to Buy Tampons, Too?

21 Sep 2019 02:22

Here’s the difference between “nice to have” and “need to have” products at work.

Giuliani Revels in Another Cable Dust-up Defending Trump

21 Sep 2019 01:09

Mr. Giuliani’s unconstrained television appearances have long raised concerns with the rest of Mr. Trump’s legal team, as well as White House officials.

U.S. Agreement With El Salvador Seeks to Divert Asylum Seekers

21 Sep 2019 00:56

An agreement between the United States and El Salvador will prevent migrants from crossing the southwestern border by requiring them to seek protection in El Salvador first.

Al Gore: The Climate Crisis Is the Battle of Our Time, and We Can Win

21 Sep 2019 00:39

We have the tools. Now we are building the political power.

Roy Cohn Is How We Got Trump

21 Sep 2019 00:34

From McCarthyism to the mob to Trump, Cohn enabled evil. Why did elites embrace him?

‘Urgent Concern’ About the President

21 Sep 2019 00:34

A whistle-blower’s report has alarmed the intelligence agencies’ watchdog. Why won’t the administration share it with Congress?

Why the Whistle-Blowing Process Is Breaking Down

21 Sep 2019 00:34

The separation of powers has become increasingly subservient to the separation of parties.

Trump Focuses on Defending Saudis, Not Striking Iran, for Now

21 Sep 2019 00:05

The administration is not ruling out military strikes. But for now, President Trump is content to remain within the parameters of defense, not offense.

Congress Asks More than 80 Companies for Big Tech Complaints

20 Sep 2019 23:56

House lawmakers asked the companies for information on how their businesses had been affected by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Climate Protests, Whistle-Blower, Area 51: Your Friday Evening Briefing

20 Sep 2019 23:51

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

For These Black Women in Texas, Rodeo Is a Way of Life

20 Sep 2019 23:02

Raising children, keeping a job and riding horses for a cheering crowd — life on the all-black professional rodeo circuit.

Rugby Is a Sport for Big Guys, and the Shorties

20 Sep 2019 23:02

During the Rugby World Cup, the smallest players can maneuver around tight spaces and “be quite pesky,” getting into places the large players cannot.

How to Throw a Dinner Party Like You’re in an Italian Villa

20 Sep 2019 23:02

The artist Liselotte Watkins took over Capri’s Villa San Michele for an evening filled with local cooking, good conversation — and her painted vases.

Women Poop. Sometimes At Work. Get Over It.

20 Sep 2019 23:02

Why must the bathroom continue to be fraught?

The Sculptor Who Reconceives Classical Myths

20 Sep 2019 23:02

Yoko Kubrick’s marble works reference familiar tales while subverting the traditions that have defined her discipline.

Inside Airbnb, Employees Eager for Big Payouts Pushed It to Go Public

20 Sep 2019 23:02

Tension has grown among a 6,000-person work force as it waits to sell company shares, people with knowledge of the situation said.

Facebook’s Suspension of ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps Reveals Wider Privacy Issues

20 Sep 2019 22:34

The scale of suspensions, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, was far larger than the social network had previously revealed.

Boris Johnson Is in Trouble With Brexit. Many Voters Don’t Mind.

20 Sep 2019 20:48

Despite multiple setbacks, Boris Johnson could still win a general election. Analysts say that, like President Trump, he has played to his core.

How an Ice Age Boulder Became a $3 Million Real Estate Prospect

20 Sep 2019 15:56

The Cooper Street Rock, in Upper Manhattan, sat undisturbed for millenniums. Now it’s on the market — or at least half of it is.

Treating the Incredible Shrinking Vagina

20 Sep 2019 15:28

What is “vaginal atrophy,” and how can you stop it?

How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? ‘Maybe 20 Years’

20 Sep 2019 13:42

Warming waters and a series of dams are making the grueling migration of the Chinook salmon even more deadly — and threatening dozens of other species.

Cancer Patients Tell Us About Clothing for Changing Bodies

20 Sep 2019 09:54

“The stockings don’t look very good but I’ve decided to change my attitude about that and say they are chic,” one patient writes.

How to Take Advantage of Shoulder Season

20 Sep 2019 01:36

Shoulder season — just before and after peak summer travel time — is when you’ll find warm temperatures, smaller crowds and deals.

10 Hotel Tips No One Taught You

19 Sep 2019 20:58

No matter how often you’ve stayed in a hotel, these tips will help you get a cleaner, safer, more relaxing stay in your next one.

What Will My Grandchild Remember?

19 Sep 2019 09:00

When we think about what we leave behind as grandparents, we hope we will have transmitted lessons about kindness, justice, strength and confidence, the boundless nature of love.

How to Cool a Planet With Extraterrestrial Dust

18 Sep 2019 18:11

A study of fossil meteorites suggests that a distant asteroid collision once sent Earth into an ice age.

5 Cheap(ish) Things for Self-Care in 15 Minutes a Day

18 Sep 2019 04:44

Here are five things you can get for 15 minutes of self-care each day.

What to Know When Choosing Cremation

26 Jul 2019 15:13

A funeral industry report says demand for cremation is increasing, in part because it’s less expensive than burial. It has also become more socially acceptable.

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