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How Trump Wins Next Year

25 May 2019 05:05

What’s happened in India and Australia is a warning to the left.

Theresa May Had One Job — Brexit. She Failed.

25 May 2019 05:05

In her defense, she had plenty of help.

How Narendra Modi Seduced India With Envy and Hate

25 May 2019 05:05

The prime minister has won re-election on a tide of violence, fake news and resentment.

The Philippines Just Became More Authoritarian, Thanks to the People

25 May 2019 05:05

Rodrigo Duterte got another endorsement — and more power — in midterm elections.

The Comeback of the Century

25 May 2019 05:05

Why the book endures, even in an era of disposable digital culture.

Britain on the Brink of Boris Johnson and Chaos

25 May 2019 05:05

Theresa May exits but the Brexit impasse will endure for the simple reason it makes no sense.

Theresa May Meets Her Lonely End

25 May 2019 05:05

It would be understandable to feel sympathy for anyone so isolated and vilified. I don’t.

Trump Tantrums the Dems Out of a Trap

25 May 2019 05:05

Build he won’t, and that’s a good thing.

You Don’t Want a Child Prodigy

25 May 2019 05:05

What ‘Roger’ dads do better than Tiger moms ever will.

Thanks for the Invite! I’ll Have to Let You Know

25 May 2019 05:05

One potential party guest’s saga.

What Message Is Trump Sending to Soldiers?

25 May 2019 05:05

Having experienced combat, we know pardons for war crimes would be a disservice to our military and undermine our moral standing in the world.

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a C.E.O., and the Pay Keeps Rising

25 May 2019 04:13

Compensation for top bosses grew at double the pace of ordinary workers’ wages, according to our annual analysis. Topping the list: Elon Musk, with a $2.3 billion package.

Pain of Tariffs Tests Farmers’ Faith in Trump: ‘How Long Is Short-Term?’

25 May 2019 04:13

The trade dispute with China has cost growers their No. 1 buyer, but they say the president is on the right course.

‘Heartbroken’: Weinstein Accusers Say $44 Million Settlement Lets Him Off the Hook

25 May 2019 04:11

Two actresses who have sued the movie producer said they would not sign on, jeopardizing the proposed deal. Others expressed anger and disappointment.

Not All Bosses Are Evil (Said a Boss, Nervously)

25 May 2019 04:11

Our new columnist introduces herself — and tackles whether true happiness is ever attainable between 9 and 5.

Distorted Videos of Nancy Pelosi Spread on Facebook and Twitter, Helped by Trump

25 May 2019 03:59

The widely shared videos raised broader concerns about digital manipulation and disinformation heading into the 2020 campaign.

Small Plane Crashes Off Florida Coast After Losing Communication

25 May 2019 03:37

The pilot of the Cessna Citation V is the only person believed to have been aboard the plane, which was approached by fighter jets.

John Bolton Says North Korean Missile Tests Violated U.N. Resolutions

25 May 2019 03:33

Mr. Bolton said there was “no doubt” that missile tests this month violated Security Council resolutions. President Trump had earlier downplayed their importance.

Federal Judge Blocks Part of Trump’s Plan to Build Border Wall

25 May 2019 03:26

A federal judge in California granted a preliminary injunction against the administration that prevents it from redirecting funds to build the wall.

$2 Million in 27 Games: James Holzhauer’s in a ‘Jeopardy!’ League by Himself

25 May 2019 03:02

Flooding in the Midwest: 4 Rivers Surge, Along With Residents’ Worries

25 May 2019 02:14

The threat of flooding has been relentless along four Midwestern rivers. With more crests coming, residents pile sandbags, watch levees and wait.

In Shift, Trump Will Pick Kenneth Cuccinelli to Oversee Legal Immigration

25 May 2019 01:48

Mr. Cuccinelli, who was expected to coordinate immigration policy, will instead be chosen to take over for the embattled head of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A Changing Sumo Will Welcome a Slipper-Clad Trump Into the Ring

25 May 2019 01:14

President Trump plans to attend the final match of an annual tournament in Tokyo, where he will present a custom-made trophy to the winner, drawing international attention to the ancient sport.

How to Care for Your Hair ... Down There

25 May 2019 00:09

There are several pubic hair products on the market, but they seem to offer a solution to a nonexistent problem.

Security Gap Leaves 885 Million Mortgage Documents Exposed

24 May 2019 23:55

The data, collected by First American Financial Corporation, included hundreds of millions of detailed and personal financial records.

Potential Clash Over Secrets Looms Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A.

24 May 2019 23:52

The attorney general’s ability to declassify intelligence could put at risk a C.I.A. informant close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Transgender Protections

24 May 2019 23:42

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed to roll back Obama-era protections of transgender people, narrowing the definition of sex for health care coverage.

Trump Circumvents Congress to Sell Weapons to Middle East Allies

24 May 2019 23:36

The Trump administration is equipping Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Jordan, even as the president remains reluctant to increase the number of American military personnel on the ground.

For Trump’s Japan Trip, Abe Piles on the Flattery. But to What End?

24 May 2019 23:15

Observers have their doubts about whether a trip filled with flattery will entice Mr. Trump to cooperate on trade and other matters of Japanese interest.

Brisket for Beginners

24 May 2019 22:50

Hugely popular in restaurants, this labor-intensive cut has long intimidated home cooks. But follow these nine steps and you’re on your way to smoky nirvana.

10 Years of Photography, and Lens

24 May 2019 22:47

A look back at a decade of The New York Times Lens column.

At Cannes, the Heartfelt and the Scathing Exist Side by Side

24 May 2019 22:46

The newest from Pedro Almodóvar features a moving performance from Antonio Banderas, while other films have been much more divisive.

Jayme Closs’s Kidnapper Gets Life in Prison Without Parole

24 May 2019 22:36

“I was smarter,” Jayme said in a statement at the sentencing hearing for Jake Patterson, who pleaded guilty to abducting her and killing her parents.

Theresa May’s Resignation Throws a Fractured Britain Into Further Turmoil

24 May 2019 22:16

The prime minister’s departure throws Britain into an unpredictable quandary after three years of trying and failing to pull the country out of the European Union.

The Kabul Bureau’s Accidental Gardener

24 May 2019 21:59

The garden is not often the first thing on our minds, as we cover Afghanistan’s long war. I didn’t notice what was going on until I looked out the window in front of my desk on the second floor and saw a hollyhock at eye level.

All Things Must Pass. But the Prom, Somehow, Goes On.

24 May 2019 21:59

Since the 1950s, prom photos have been bellwethers of a changing America. At one high school just outside New York City, the prom is still the main event.

4 Women With Lives Scarred by Genital Cutting: Could a Surgeon Heal Them?

24 May 2019 21:37

Over 200 million women and girls alive today have been circumcised. Four of them shared with The Times their pain, emotional trauma and sexual struggles — and their journey to feel whole.

What Might It Take to Get Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

24 May 2019 20:04

Bipartisan congressional support for legislation calling for Tubman’s inclusion is a start.

Ginnifer Goodwin Reads ‘Clinging to Each Other, We Survived the Storm’

24 May 2019 20:04

On this week’s Modern Love podcast, the “Twilight Zone” actress reads an essay about the extraordinary difficulty of ordinary life.

Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant: Who Is Free Agency’s Biggest Prize?

24 May 2019 18:04

Checking in with a longtime N.B.A. scouting star to ask if Leonard’s youth might put him ahead of Durant.

Theresa May to Resign as U.K. Prime Minister

24 May 2019 17:36

Mrs. May said she would step down as leader of the Conservative Party and then as prime minister, after repeatedly failing to get her Brexit plan through Parliament.

Dry Cleaning Your Wool Sweaters? Don’t Bother.

24 May 2019 14:20

Clothing tags often say you need to dry clean wool and silk garments. But more often than not, you can get away with hand washing.

A Possible Weight Loss Strategy: Skip Breakfast Before Exercise

24 May 2019 14:20

A new study finds that the choice to eat or omit a meal before an early workout could affect our relationship to food for the rest of the day.

There’s Evidence on How to Raise Children, but Are Parents Listening?

24 May 2019 10:03

Day-to-day individual choices matter less than we think, but national policies seem to matter a lot.

New York to Tahiti (or Laos or Nairobi) Without Spending a Fortune

24 May 2019 09:00

Some flights are trickier to book than others. For these, budget travelers need to go beyond the major search engines.

Dr. Leonard Bailey, Who Gave a Baby a Baboon’s Heart, Dies at 76

23 May 2019 23:16

The case of Baby Fae, the recipient of Dr. Bailey’s experimental transplant in 1984, generated worldwide headlines — along with criticism, demonstrations and threats.

No, Night Owls Aren’t Doomed to Die Early

23 May 2019 21:30

Despite alarmist headlines and a study that suggested morning people live longer, the truth is more complicated.

Pet Walruses, Hidden Bacon and Other Violations of Actual U.S. Law

23 May 2019 20:31

Mike Chase’s “How to Become a Federal Criminal” is, as its subtitle promises, “an illustrated handbook for the aspiring offender.” It’s also very funny.

‘Halston’ Review: The Designer as Unsolved Mystery

23 May 2019 18:28

An energetic documentary about Halston paints a vivid picture of the atmosphere around him, but the man himself remains elusive.

How to Survive Your Kid’s Sports Season

23 May 2019 12:39

Spending your weekends on the field with your kids? Here’s are some tips to stay comfortable and stay motivated to cheer them on.

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