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U.K. Reports Big Rise in Hate Crime, Citing Brexit and Terrorist Attacks

18 Oct 2017 08:18

The number of such violations climbed by about 30 percent, although part of the rise was attributed to increased awareness and changes in the law.

Iraqi Forces Retake All Oil Fields in Disputed Areas as Kurds Retreat

18 Oct 2017 05:26

Kurdish independence aspirations appeared to stall — at least for now — as Iraqi forces seized oil facilities that supply most of the region’s revenue.

Op-Ed Contributor: A Roadmap for Catalonia

18 Oct 2017 04:58

The central government in Madrid and the Catalan Parliament have painted themselves into a corner. Here is a way out.

Europe Edition: Raqqa, Catalonia, Andrej Babis: Your Wednesday Briefing

18 Oct 2017 04:38

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Yankees 6, Astros 4 | Series tied, 2-2: Yankees Feast on the Astros’ Bullpen in a Comeback Victory

18 Oct 2017 04:19

The Yankees were held to one hit through six innings but put together a rally against the Astros’ relievers and seized momentum in the series.

As China’s Party Leaders Gather, Xi Jinping Displays a Firm Grip

18 Oct 2017 03:18

The Chinese Communists are about to overtake their Soviet forerunners as the longest-ruling Communist party. President Xi wants to extend that run.

Editorial: Mr. Trump Outdoes Himself in Picking a Conflicted Regulator

18 Oct 2017 02:46

The nominee to lead the E.P.A. chemicals office is a threat to public health.

Women Denounce Harassment in California’s Capital

18 Oct 2017 02:30

Women complained of groping, lewd comments and suggestions of trading sexual favors for legislation in Sacramento.

George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations

18 Oct 2017 01:34

Mr. Soros has moved about $18 billion to Open Society, the charity he founded which promotes human rights around the world. He plans to give still more.

N.F.L. Owners Won’t Penalize Players for Kneeling During Anthem

18 Oct 2017 00:59

The owners on Tuesday opted not to rewrite regulations to require standing for the anthem and met for hours with players to discuss supporting social causes.

2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off

18 Oct 2017 00:41

A plan by Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington to fund health subsidies for low-income consumers won President Trump’s backing.

Top General’s Grief Becomes Political Talking Point for Trump

18 Oct 2017 00:35

President Trump is testing the reluctance of his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, to discuss the death of his son Second Lt. Robert Kelly, who died in combat in 2010.

Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

18 Oct 2017 00:19

A self-help organization in Albany called Nxivm has begun to unravel as members reveal disturbing practices and fears of blackmail.

Navy SEALs Were Ready if Pakistan Failed to Free Family Held as Hostages

18 Oct 2017 00:19

American officials asked Pakistan to rescue an American woman, her Canadian husband and their children. With new intelligence on their whereabouts, officials had limited time to act.

University of Florida Braces for Richard Spencer

17 Oct 2017 23:54

A state of emergency has already been declared in preparation for the white nationalist’s appearance at Florida’s flagship university on Thursday.

‘Come Out and Surrender’: Inside Raqqa, With the Fighters Who Drove Off ISIS

17 Oct 2017 23:50

A New York Times photographer accompanied Kurdish fighters as they entered Raqqa, the Syrian city that had been a stronghold of the Islamic State.

Book News: George Saunders Wins the Man Booker Prize for ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’

17 Oct 2017 23:34

Mr. Saunders is the second consecutive American writer to win the Man Booker Prize.

Raqqa, ISIS ‘Capital,’ Is Captured, U.S.-Backed Forces Say

17 Oct 2017 23:07

Loss of the Syrian city is a heavy blow to the militants, but the destruction there is immense, and questions linger about who will govern and rebuild.

Editorial: Ending Cash-Register Justice

17 Oct 2017 22:55

Towns across the country hand out fines for minor infractions and jail anyone too poor to pay. It’s time for more judges to speak out.

Op-Ed Columnist: The Trump Doctrine

17 Oct 2017 22:55

The president’s approach is: Rip things apart without thought and leave the problem to someone else.

Judge Temporarily Halts New Version of Trump’s Travel Ban

17 Oct 2017 22:42

Hours before the ban was to take effect, a federal judge in Hawaii halted its enforcement against travelers from six countries while the opponents challenge it in court.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Booker Prize’s Bad History

17 Oct 2017 22:27

It’s an award funded by the labor of enslaved people.

Roy Price Quits Amazon Studios After Sexual Harassment Claim

17 Oct 2017 22:13

Amazon’s original-programming division was already considering a change in strategy before the accusation against its top executive.

Editorial: With a Journalist’s Murder in Malta, a Global Threat Grows

17 Oct 2017 22:02

Powerful and corrupt leaders throughout the world have endangered forceful reporters like Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Harvey Weinstein, Fired on Oct. 8, Resigns From Company’s Board

17 Oct 2017 21:31

Mr. Weinstein submitted his resignation during a meeting with the company’s remaining board members, who had convened to affirm his earlier firing.

New Flight for a New ‘Butterfly’

17 Oct 2017 21:24

David Henry Hwang has reworked his gender-blurring, career-launching Tony-winning play to assure that it feels “resonant with the culture today.”

Op-Ed Columnist: Trump’s Self-Absorption on War Deaths

17 Oct 2017 21:17

Like the rich couple in “The Great Gatsby,” the president is exceedingly careless about just about everyone except himself — including slain soldiers.

Op-Ed Columnist: Will Pumpkin Spice Destroy Us All?

17 Oct 2017 19:05

It’s odoriferous. It’s insidious. It’s America.

The Gay Architects of Classic Rock

17 Oct 2017 18:38

Who created that gorgeous 20th-century creature, the rock star? Consider the gay image makers of the day, like Brian Epstein and Jann Wenner.

Me Time: I Took It With a Grain of Salt

17 Oct 2017 17:27

You can hang out on a beach made of salt or lie naked in a pod. Either way, prepare to moisturize afterward.

Op-Ed Columnist: Daydreaming in Germany

17 Oct 2017 13:57

A violent storm erupts in a world “on the cusp of avoidable disaster.”

London Art Auction for Grenfell Fire Survivors Raises $2.5 Million

17 Oct 2017 13:20

Leading artists donated pieces for sale at Sotheby’s, including Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley and Wolfgang Tillmans.

At the Palais de Tokyo, Camille Henrot Finds Wonder in the Everyday

17 Oct 2017 13:17

The young French artist’s first major solo exhibition in Paris examines a basic but unavoidable concept: the seven-day week.

How to Use Clothing Subscription Boxes to Find Your Personal Style

17 Oct 2017 07:15

Subscription clothing boxes are a surprisingly cheap, personalized way to add some style to your wardrobe. Here’s how to choose the right one for you.

The Pour: Five Common Wine Myths, Debunked

16 Oct 2017 19:58

Even as people become more comfortable with wine, certain fallacies persist. One dinner, at Daniel, tried to prove them wrong.

Books of The Times: The Life of Oriana Fallaci, Guerrilla Journalist

16 Oct 2017 18:54

Fallaci, whose interviews got the better of famous figures from Henry Kissinger to Muammar el-Qaddafi, is the subject of a new biography.

Personal Health: Choosing the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin

16 Oct 2017 10:00

How to select a moisturizer likely to be effective and unlikely to cause an unwanted reaction.

Going Places: Is Uber Helping or Hurting Mass Transit?

16 Oct 2017 09:30

Ride-hailing services have changed how people get around, and there is some evidence they are making traffic problems worse.

The Pioneering Modernist Who Wrote an Audacious String Quartet

15 Oct 2017 16:55

Ruth Crawford Seeger created pathbreaking music. But her family’s folk revival legacy has overshadowed her avant-garde compositions.

Q&A: During Storms, Most Animals Take Shelter. But Some Birds Take Flight.

13 Oct 2017 16:38

Some birds and animals found shelter during recent hurricanes, but many will struggle to live in a changed environment.

Ask Well: How Do People Die From Diabetes?

13 Oct 2017 12:00

While untreated diabetes itself can be deadly, complications from the disease such as heart attacks are a more common cause of death.

Travel Tips: How to Celebrate Holidays on the Road

12 Oct 2017 19:00

Book a private room for a meal, ask the kitchen to prepare family recipes and plan a special excursion.

Review: Reliving Delicious Terror in ‘78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene’

12 Oct 2017 12:00

A documentary by Alexandre O. Philippe finds plenty to examine in one of the most memorable scenes in American film.

ScienceTake: How Kangaroo Rats Escape Rattlesnakes

12 Oct 2017 09:00

Kangaroo rats are so good at leaping away from rattlesnake strikes that they sometimes show off in front of their predators.

Op-Ed Columnist: The Art of Thinking Well

10 Oct 2017 07:21

How do you persuade people? It’s not always by presenting the facts.

Dove Drops an Ad Accused of Racism

8 Oct 2017 23:50

In a Facebook ad for Dove body wash, a black woman removes her shirt to reveal a white woman. The company apologized, but similar ads by others have been common.

As Overdose Deaths Pile Up, a Medical Examiner Quits the Morgue

7 Oct 2017 09:00

“It has completely overwhelmed us,” Dr. Thomas A. Andrew said of the opioid crisis. His new ambition: minister to the living about the dangers of drugs.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

6 Oct 2017 16:00

New designs are partly a backlash to wide-open floor plans and include a “palette of places,” meaning that people don’t sit in just one spot.

How to Decide Where to Donate Your Money After Disasters

27 Sep 2017 14:03

In a time of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires, choosing a charity can be overwhelming. Here’s some help.

Test Run: How to Explore a City Like a Local Using Your Smartphone

8 Sep 2017 14:28

Three apps that make it easy to connect with locals — without having to talk to them in person.

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