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It’s Time To Explore The Unique And Conflicting Narratives Of Disability Issues

27 Jan 2020 21:59

Disability policy involves more than cold pragmatism. It calls on all of us to choose and align ourselves with powerful narratives of disability in ways that reflect our deepest values.

Authorities Seek Lifetime Ban For ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli In New Lawsuit

27 Jan 2020 21:59

New York's attorney general and the FTC accuse Shkreli of allegedly impeding generic drugs from entering the market to preserve a monopoly.

Google Is Killing A Tool That Makes It Easy To Build Business Apps

27 Jan 2020 21:52

App Maker will shut down in January 2021.

Will Democrats Embrace Fossil Fuels In Crucial Swing States?

27 Jan 2020 21:46

As the Democrat presidential campaign shifts to swing states with fossil fuel industries in the spring, will the candidates remain faithful to their environmentalist base?

The Rise (and Rise) Of Medicare For All

27 Jan 2020 21:42

The Rise (and Rise) of Medicare for All: using alternative data to visualize the topic

This Is How Long It Will Take To Binge 20 Of Netflix’s Most-Watched Series

27 Jan 2020 21:35

Entertainment lovers are admittedly obsessed with binge-watching television series and because of this decided to do a little research into just how long it would take TV lovers to devour every episode of 20 of Netflix’s most-binged shows.

Treasury And Congress Set To Pass Off New Regulatory Burden On Small Businesses

27 Jan 2020 21:35

The AML rules have been in place for decades, so supporters of these new bills should be able to demonstrate that the benefits of the AML regime outweigh the costs. Otherwise, Congress should lessen the burden on ordinary law-abiding Americans instead of imposing even more costs on them.

How To Leverage Digital Transformation To Make Workplaces More Diverse And Inclusive

27 Jan 2020 21:33

Every company has to juggle different issues when beginning a diversity and inclusion OR a digital transformation undertaking - but tackling these together will help create stronger, more agile organizations for the future.

Tough Day To Travel: Investors Sell Everything That Moves As Virus Fears Hit Hard

27 Jan 2020 21:33

Anything that touches tourism had a tough day, and so did anything related to crude. Fears of economic slowdown related to coronavirus are front and center, but focus could turn to Apple earnings as Tuesday approaches.

Celebrities, Influencers And Blind Boxes Driving The Growth Of China’s Resale Market

27 Jan 2020 21:30

While their parents and grandparents still prefer to buy new – China’s young shoppers ages 15-30 are opening up to the idea of second-hand, causing the market to experience rapid growth in 2018 and 2019.

UNICEF USA BrandVoice: Taking A Page From Former UNICEF Executive Director Jim Grant’s Revolutionary Playbook

27 Jan 2020 21:27

On the 25th anniversary of his death, we look to the visionary UNICEF leader’s past successes as we fight today’s most pressing children’s crises.

Enrollment and Cost Estimates for the Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, and Sanders Health Plans

27 Jan 2020 21:25

Taking this report at face value, Buttigieg would appear to offer voters the best bang for their buck––Buttigieg covers almost as many people as Sanders and Warren and does so as the only candidate that pays for his program.

New York State Brewers Association Gears Up For Fourth Annual Craft Beer Competition

27 Jan 2020 21:24

The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) is now accepting submissions for its fourth annual New York State Craft Beer Competition.

American Holiday: Super Bowl Now Comes With Shot Of Jack Daniel’s

27 Jan 2020 21:22

America’s truest holiday is this Sunday—the Super Bowl.

A Perfect Storm: Coronavirus, Major Earnings Reports And An Overvalued Market Could Slam Investors This Week

27 Jan 2020 21:20

All three major indexes recorded their worst day in months.

Oil Bankruptcies Are Piling Up

27 Jan 2020 21:16

A new report shows that oil and gas bankruptcies were again on the rise in 2019. That trend looks likely to continue this year.

What Every Business Can Learn From One Company’s Unconventional Privacy Notice

27 Jan 2020 21:10

Customer experience differentiation can happen in the most unlikely of places -- as illustrated by this highly successful Australian start-up.

A Couple Of Charming Hotels On The California Coast

27 Jan 2020 21:08

There’s no denying the restorative powers of being close to the seashore, and these well-situated spots make the most of spectacular views of the Pacific.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel Beauty Products

27 Jan 2020 21:07

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Thinking about what to get your significant other? For the person who loves to travel, here are a few ideas in the beauty department. These eight beauty products are certainly worthy of gifting to the person who is always traveling this Valentine’s Day.

Michelin Guide 2020: New Stars For France's Restaurants Revealed Today

27 Jan 2020 20:53

This morning, as the crowd gathered for the most important day of the year for chefs across France, the atmosphere was tense. Following the retrieval of Bocuse’s third star earlier this year, the Michelin Guide’s announcement of this year’s stars for France’s restaurants was much awaited.

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