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Trump welcomes 'Sleepy Joe' Biden to the 2020 campaign with a subtweet

26 Apr 2019 03:53

Joe Biden entered the 2020 campaign with a video focusing his message on Americans who are concerned about Donald Trump's presidency. Mike Memoli, Matt Flegenheimer, and Alexi McCammond all join.

Trump calls FOX News with new attacks on old foes: Comey, Clinton, and Mueller

26 Apr 2019 03:20

Repeating his 'no obstruction, no collusion' refrain, the President launched new attacks on a litany of old foes in a rambling phone interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity. Peter Baker, Annie Karni, and Chuck Rosenberg discuss.

Elizabeth Drew on 'The Danger In Not Impeaching Trump'

26 Apr 2019 03:10

Watergate reporter Elizabeth Drew explains why even though Democrats might face political danger in impeaching Trump, the bigger danger may be doing nothing.

Chris Christie’s future likely affected by Bridgegate scandal

26 Apr 2019 02:49

Rachel Maddow looks back at Chris Christie’s short-lived 2016 presidential run, his role early-on in the Trump transition team, and posits how his role in the Bridgegate scandal may have been the reason he didn’t get an important job in the administration

Fmr. Christie Aide: The truth will be heard

26 Apr 2019 02:48

Bridget Kelly, former aide to Gov. Chris Christie, who was sentenced to 13 months in federal prison for her role in Bridgegate, shares with Rachel Maddow never before heard details about that debacle.

Fmr. Christie Aide was offered representation from dubious source

26 Apr 2019 02:47

Bridget Kelly, former aide to Gov. Chris Christie, who was sentenced to federal prison for her role in Bridgegate, talks to Rachel Maddow about a curious phone call from a defense attorney who now sits on the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Former top counterintel official comes to Maria Butina's defense

26 Apr 2019 02:47

A last-minute fight has broken out between prosecutors and lawyers for Maria Butina, who pled guilty to acting as a Russian agent in the U.S., over a declaration from a prominent figure in the counterespionage community.

Fox News judge: Trump committed obstruction of justice

26 Apr 2019 02:39

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano broke rank and said that Trump obstructed justice multiple times. It was part of a terrible campaign day for the president, one that also saw Joe Biden get into the 2020 race. Lawrence O’Donnell discusses...

The fight against partisan gerrymandering

26 Apr 2019 01:01

Michigan has become the latest state to strike down unfairly drawn voting districts. The tide may finally be turning -- but the Supreme Court could get in the way.

GOP Gerrymandering in Michigan struck down

26 Apr 2019 00:50

Because Republicans drew up unfair districts, they held onto the legislature in 2018 -- even though Democrats got more votes statewide.

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