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Klobuchar aims campaign towards the heartland, bipartisanship

18 Feb 2019 04:49

While most Democrats are focusing their campaigns in early voting states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Sen. Amy Klobuchar starts her campaign trail run in Wisconsin.

Diary Entries Describe Maria Butina’s Time in US

18 Feb 2019 03:13

Refinery 29 Journalist Elena Nicalaou reflects on her friendship with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina.

Rep. Anthony Brown: National Emergency 'Pure Power Grab'

18 Feb 2019 03:13

Most of the funds for a border wall across the southern border will be coming from Department of Defense’s budget.

Absentee ballots at center of North Carolina Election Fraud Scandal

18 Feb 2019 03:12

NBC News has learned that 3,510 people who requested absentee ballots in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District did not show up to vote and did not receive their absentee ballots.

With Trump’s Border Wall, a Policy Debate Becomes a Constitutional Battle

18 Feb 2019 03:10

President Trump’s national emergency declaration has lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worried about the constitutional precedent it sets.

Julian Castro: ICE is not working

18 Feb 2019 03:06

2020 Presidential Candidate Julian Castro says U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency needs to be reconstituted.

Opinion editor: Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet plays into anti-Semitic tropes

18 Feb 2019 00:25

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin discusses Rep. Ilhan Omar’s controversial tweet – which some critics have called anti-Semitic – with’s Batya Ungar-Sargon and Peter Feld, who have opposing opinions on the issue.

Attorney on Smollett Investigation: If it’s a hoax, he could be in felony legal trouble

18 Feb 2019 00:13

MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson discusses the shift in the investigation into Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack with a panel.

Rep. McBath: Gun culture is an epidemic

18 Feb 2019 00:01

Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Congresswoman Lucy McBath about the importance of gun regulation and how that’s the real national emergency we should be talking about, not building walls, but making our schools safer, in this interview.

Former federal prosecutor: If Robert Mueller was never appointed, ‘we wouldn’t have the 30, 33. 34 guilty pleas & convictions’

17 Feb 2019 23:54

Reporter on Trump’s emergency declaration: ‘Essentially, the President is saying to Democrats, ‘Bring It On’’

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