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Bernie Sanders Stumbled With Black Voters in 2016. Can He Do Better in 2020?

18 Feb 2019 05:08

Mr. Sanders had a weak showing with black voters in his race against Hillary Clinton. A frayed relationship with his own outreach group was part of the problem.

After Aurora Shooting, ‘Cross Man’ Builds 5 for His Community

18 Feb 2019 04:09

Greg Zanis has delivered more than 26,000 handmade memorials for victims of shootings and natural disasters, including the five to remember last week’s shooting in Illinois.

Jussie Smollett Timeline: Mystery Deepens as Police Review Case

18 Feb 2019 03:19

Here’s a timeline to help keep track of the twists and turns in the reported assault on Jussie Smollett, the “Empire” actor.

Graham Vows to Investigate Whether ‘Bureaucratic Coup’ Tried to Oust Trump

18 Feb 2019 02:28

Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he would find out whether officials at the F.B.I. and the Justice Department tried oust President Trump.

What’s the Plan for Brexit? There Is No Plan

18 Feb 2019 02:07

It may be time to stop the doomsday clock and start over.

21 Savage on ICE Detention, the Grammys and His Uncertain Future

18 Feb 2019 02:06

“My situation is important ’cause I represent poor black Americans and I represent poor immigrant Americans,” the rapper said.

Denny Hamlin Navigates Crash-Filled Finish to Win Daytona 500

18 Feb 2019 01:42

Hamlin, honoring the memory of the team owner J.D. Gibbs, won the race for the second time in four years. Hamlin’s teammate Kyle Busch came in second.

Jerry Westrom Threw Away a Napkin Last Month. It Was Used to Charge Him in a 1993 Murder.

18 Feb 2019 01:33

The authorities in Minnesota said they identified a suspect in the killing using genealogy and tracked him to a hockey game, where they collected a sample of his DNA.

In Bid to Conquer Oscars, Netflix Mobilizes Savvy Campaigner and Huge Budget

18 Feb 2019 01:22

Lisa Taback, who worked with Harvey Weinstein on awards campaigns for best picture winners like “The Artist” and “The King’s Speech,” is in charge of the lavish effort behind “Roma.”

Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers

18 Feb 2019 00:32

With 21 months until Election Day 2020, Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as left-wing radicals on the economy, abortion and Israel.

New York Did Us All a Favor by Standing Up to Amazon

18 Feb 2019 00:28

Yes, Amazon’s departure will modestly hurt the city’s economy. But it’s also a victory against bad economic policy.

Why Are We Still Dismissing Girls’ Pain?

18 Feb 2019 00:00

People continue to struggle with the idea that women are the authorities on their own bodies.

‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out

17 Feb 2019 23:49

The crisis over sexuality in the Catholic Church goes beyond abuse. It goes to the heart of the priesthood, into a closet that is trapping thousands of men.

Teenager Who Joined ISIS and Wants to Return to U.K. Gives Birth in Syria

17 Feb 2019 23:49

Shamima Begum, 19, had expressed little regret for joining the terrorist group but wanted to return home to protect the health of her child. Her son was born in a refugee camp.

Anthony Weiner Is Out of Federal Prison, and in a Re-Entry Center in Brooklyn

17 Feb 2019 23:43

The former congressman, imprisoned for sending lewd texts to a 15-year-old, was moved from a Massachusetts prison to a re-entry program in Brooklyn, records show.

The English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadows

17 Feb 2019 23:19

For years, an anonymous narrator extolled the Islamic State’s brutality in videos seen around the world. “I don’t regret it,” a Canadian captured in Syria says.

States Flout Abortion Coverage Requirements, Federal Investigators Say

17 Feb 2019 23:04

One state, South Dakota, has for 25 years failed to provide the required coverage for abortion in cases of rape or incest, a government report says.

‘Show Me That My Father Is Alive.’ China Faces Torrent of Online Pleas.

17 Feb 2019 22:55

China is detaining vast numbers of Uighurs and other Muslims, and friends and relatives are making their names public to put pressure on Beijing.

Inside the Scramble to Make the Oscars Shorter

17 Feb 2019 20:40

A look at how the producers of the telecast are dealing with the inclusion of four categories previously relegated to commercial breaks.

Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry

17 Feb 2019 19:42

Europeans pushed back against the Trump administration’s unilateralism at the Munich Security Conference, signaling a shift that is likely to be exploited by Russia and China.

Everything I Know About Feminism I Learned From Nuns

17 Feb 2019 18:52

What it meant to be surrounded by educated women who were not wives or mothers.

Her Daughters Died in a Fire as She Did Laundry. She Sobbed While Pleading Guilty.

17 Feb 2019 17:49

“It’s a feeling I can’t forget,” Haya Konte said in an interview after pleading guilty to criminally negligent homicide, and agreeing to leave the country.

For Islanders and Fans, There’s No Place Like Home, or Home

17 Feb 2019 17:31

A team is playing in two parts of town until its new arena is ready, and would do so in the playoffs. Its divided-up fan base, though, is having fun in Brooklyn and on Long Island.

Books of The Times: ‘The Border’ Is a Stunning and Timely Conclusion to Don Winslow’s Drug-War Trilogy

17 Feb 2019 16:00

The third novel in this propulsive, violent series trains a fictional lens on some of today’s most pressing issues, including the opioid crisis and political corruption.

‘The Hooligans Were the Club’

17 Feb 2019 14:51

The near-collapse of the Polish soccer team Wisla Krakow involved hooligan owners, unpaid bills, police raids and a mysterious savior who arrived with promises but no money. Can one of Poland's greatest players now save the day?

Land Mines Block Saudi-Led Assault in Yemen, Killing Civilians

17 Feb 2019 08:00

Hundreds of thousands of land mines have stymied the Saudi-led forces in Yemen, and could pose a danger to civilians for decades to come.

The Instant, Custom, Connected Future of Medical Devices

17 Feb 2019 04:44

3D-printed and “smart” pharmaceuticals are making medical treatments more effective. But it may take years before the new devices reach most patients, if they do at all.

Bill de Blasio: The Path Amazon Rejected

16 Feb 2019 23:28

It could have answered the concerns of citizens. Instead it bolted.

Op-Ed Columnist: The King of Pop — and Perversion

16 Feb 2019 22:37

A haunting new documentary lays bare Michael Jackson’s predations and forces us to wonder: Why does celebrity continually excuse perversion?

Time to Panic

16 Feb 2019 22:00

The planet is getting warmer in catastrophic ways. And fear may be the only thing that saves us.

No, You Can’t Ignore Email. It’s Rude.

16 Feb 2019 20:23

Being overwhelmed is no excuse. It’s hard to be good at your job if you’re bad at responding to people.

Trump Is Driving Out Precious Republican Voters

16 Feb 2019 19:30

The young in particular are slipping away.

news analysis: The ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Black’ Defense

16 Feb 2019 19:30

It’s a myth that proximity to blackness immunizes white people from doing racist things.

8 Ways to Avoid Buying a Bad Mattress

15 Feb 2019 23:08

Planning to take advantage of Presidents’ Day mattress sales? Here are eight pitfalls to avoid so you buy a mattress you’ll happily sleep on for years.

Crowdwise: What to Say (and What Not to Say) to Someone Who’s Grieving

15 Feb 2019 23:05

A little empathy goes a long way, especially when someone is recovering from the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, even when some of us mean well, we make the situation worse. Here’s how to avoid it.

Jack Taylor, Scourge of the Wrecking Ball in Manhattan, Dies at 93

15 Feb 2019 21:05

An amateur landmark preservationist, his legacy includes the Ladies’ Mile Shopping District and Tammany Hall. But there were also defeats.

Playlist: The Playlist: Unreleased Tom Petty, and 13 More New Songs

15 Feb 2019 18:59

Hear tracks from Cardi B and Bruno Mars, Lizzo, Foals, Alicia Keys and others.

Trilobites: Searching Tardigrades for Lifesaving Secrets

15 Feb 2019 10:00

Researchers are drawing inspiration from the proteins that they think let hearty water bears cheat time by decelerating their biology.

Australia Fare: In Sydney, Sri Lankan Cuisine Gets a Thrilling Update

14 Feb 2019 23:22

Lankan Filling Station serves exciting sambols alongside cocktails and natural wine in a crowded room that thrums with energy.

Social Q’s: I Shouldn’t Have to Tell You This Is Racist

14 Feb 2019 19:14

A reader wonders whether to address the black caricatures in her acquaintance’s home.

What Will Win Best Picture? 20 Oscar Voters Spill Their Secrets

14 Feb 2019 15:33

None would go on the record, but these members of the academy did reveal their candid opinions — and biases. News flash: It’s not all about merit.

How to Make Time with Family and Loved Ones Count

13 Feb 2019 22:30

We get it, we’re all busy. But real, meaningful relationships thrive when they’re face-to-face. Here’s how to make time for them.

The Value of Childhood Crushes

13 Feb 2019 10:00

Don’t diminish them as “puppy love,” experts say.

The Atomic Soldiers

12 Feb 2019 20:03

They served near dangerous nuclear tests — and it has haunted them ever since.

Hong Kong, Crossroads of the Criminal Wildlife Trade

12 Feb 2019 08:00

Despite reforms, the territory is a linchpin in the global traffic in illegal animal parts.

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