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Babies Can Be Raised Vegan With Proper Guidance, Experts Say

24 Aug 2019 19:03

A judge in Australia said a couple had left their baby “severely malnourished” on a strict vegan diet. The case stirred debate about raising the very young solely on plant-based foods.

Joe Biden, Recalling ’68, Asks Audience to Imagine Obama’s Assassination

24 Aug 2019 19:03

“Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee,” Mr. Biden said, evoking the tumult of 1968.

‘Stand Your Ground’ Trial in Florida Ends With Manslaughter Verdict

24 Aug 2019 19:03

Michael Drejka said he had feared for his life when he killed Markeis McGlockton in an argument over a parking spot.

Summer on the Swollen Great Lakes

24 Aug 2019 19:03

The lakes rose this year to levels not seen in decades. A 1,234-mile drive around one of them revealed what all that water has left behind — vanishing beaches, closed roads, new islands.

Candidate Says Michigan City Should Be Kept White ‘As Much as Possible’

24 Aug 2019 19:03

Jean Cramer, who is running for City Council in Marysville, Mich., added, “No foreign people.”

Life-Changing Drugs Almost Nobody Can Afford

24 Aug 2019 19:03

A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

Tainted Water, Ignored Warnings and a Boss With a Criminal Past

24 Aug 2019 19:03

How a long line of questionable decisions led to the crisis over lead contamination in Newark.

The Police Photoshopped His Mug Shot for a Lineup. He’s Not the Only One.

24 Aug 2019 19:03

When witness descriptions made no mention of a suspect’s facial tattoos, the police airbrushed them away for an identification lineup. The practice goes beyond one case.

One Crazy Day Showed How Political Chaos Threatens the World Economy

24 Aug 2019 19:03

An escalating trade war and unpredictable policy shifts. Also, tweets.

How Uber Got Lost

24 Aug 2019 19:03

The once-swaggering company is losing more money and growing more slowly than ever. What happened?

Brazil Military Mobilizes to Fight Amazon Fires, and Restore ‘Positive Perception’

24 Aug 2019 18:56

The fires had burned for weeks but plunged President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration into crisis mode only now, after photographs began circulating widely.

Seattle Has Figured Out How to End the War on Drugs

24 Aug 2019 18:48

While other cities are jailing drug users, Seattle has found another way.

Liberty and Slavery Have Always Been Wrapped Up With Each Other

24 Aug 2019 18:48

The question of how to work out the relationship between them is fundamental to understanding American history.

Trump’s Greenland Plan Shows He Has No Idea How American Power Works

24 Aug 2019 18:48

The U.S. doesn’t need to buy countries to rule the world.

Mazel Tov, Trump. You’ve Revived the Jewish Left.

24 Aug 2019 18:48

‘Only one political party is quite literally inciting white nationalists to shoot up our synagogues.’

America the Beautiful

24 Aug 2019 18:48

Our origin story provides the mechanism of self-reproach by which progress is made.

David Koch Was the Ultimate Climate Change Denier

24 Aug 2019 18:48

How a playboy billionaire built a political army to defend his fossil fuel empire.

Jay Inslee’s Lonely Campaign for Climate Change Policy

24 Aug 2019 18:48

Democrats say they care about global warming. Why couldn’t Mr. Inslee get more traction on it?

The Surprising Path That Some Kids Take to the Ivy League

24 Aug 2019 18:48

Meet the resilient strivers who prove that brilliance has no borders.

How Guilty Should You Feel About Your Vacation?

24 Aug 2019 18:48

And what can you do about it?

Dating While Dying

24 Aug 2019 18:48

I found myself terminally ill and unexpectedly single at 40. I didn’t know which was more terrifying.

The Ravaging of Amazonia

24 Aug 2019 18:48

A global treasure lies at the mercy of the smallest, dullest, pettiest of men.

What if We All Ate a Bit Less Meat?

24 Aug 2019 18:37

Also this week, how an economic downturn could affect climate change.

The Most Notorious Weapon Ever Produced?

24 Aug 2019 18:37

There are no simple answers for fixing the F-35 program, as tempting as it is to look for a single root cause for its problems.

Marsha Stephanie Blake Reads ‘Despite the Losses, So Much Gained’

24 Aug 2019 18:37

The “When They See Us” actress reads an essay about the need for gratitude and humor in times of grief.

Trade Turmoil Gives Democrats an Opening to Hit Trump on Economy

24 Aug 2019 17:53

Democratic candidates have taken a calibrated approach to talking about the economy, but the trade war with China provides a potent new line of attack.

Tehran Orders Crackdown as Wealthy Use Ambulances to Beat Traffic

24 Aug 2019 17:31

Celebrities and even private tutors pay large sums of money to use emergency vehicles to escape traffic in one of world’s worst cities for traffic jams.

As the Amazon Burns, Europe Seizes Title of Climate Champion

24 Aug 2019 17:27

With the Trump administration nearly silent, European leaders have energetically stepped in to take up the mantle of leadership. A trade deal could be at stake.

In Hong Kong Protests, Tear Gas and Violence End a Period of Calm

24 Aug 2019 16:13

Officers charged at demonstrators in Kwun Tong, and protesters threw gasoline bombs at the police, a marked departure from recent gatherings.

Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China

24 Aug 2019 16:05

The president cited a national security law from 1977 that has never before been used to cut economic ties with a major power in a trade dispute.

Taylor Swift Emerges From the Darkness Unbroken on ‘Lover’

24 Aug 2019 15:58

The singer and songwriter’s seventh album is a recalibration, playing to her old strengths while hinting at new paths forward.

The Cursed Legacy of the Most Expensive Plot of Land in Los Angeles

24 Aug 2019 15:58

Did someone really walk into an auction and buy the priciest piece of real estate in California for $100,000? Well, yes and no.

Can Virgil Abloh Fit in a Museum?

24 Aug 2019 15:50

“Figures of Speech” in Chicago tries to capture the essence of a prodigious fashion designer. It’s an endeavor with radical juxtapositions, clever products and some missed opportunities.

Portishead’s ‘Dummy’ Is 25. The Band Asks That You Play It Loud.

24 Aug 2019 15:50

The trip-hop classic was an unexpected success in 1994. Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley look back at its creation and explain how they think it should be heard.

Pierre Cardin’s Space-Age Fashion Takes Us Back to the Future

24 Aug 2019 15:50

The Brooklyn Museum opens its doors to the 97-year-old French designer, still defined by his groovy late ’60s fashions.

The Man Behind Those Throbbing Warehouse Parties in Brooklyn

24 Aug 2019 15:50

Rob Toma is the founder of Teksupport, which hosts some of the biggest rave dances in New York.

How a Bitter Divorce Battle on Earth Led to Claims of a Crime in Space

24 Aug 2019 14:01

NASA is examining a claim that an astronaut improperly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the Space Station.

Running With My Mom: What We Talk About When We Talk About Running

24 Aug 2019 09:58

Preparing for a marathon as steps on a long path to a closer relationship.

Giraffes Get New Protections, but Will It Be Enough?

24 Aug 2019 09:58

International trade of giraffes will now be regulated, but habitat loss and bush meat poaching remain the predominant threats to the species.

Why the U.S. Has Long Resisted Universal Child Care

24 Aug 2019 09:58

Americans still aren’t in agreement that mothers should work at all.

Soap, Detergent and Even Laxatives Could Turbocharge a Battery Alternative

24 Aug 2019 09:58

Researchers are trying to develop options to lithium-ion and other batteries in a quest for quick bursts of power and extended energy storage.

David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79

24 Aug 2019 05:28

A man-about-town philanthropist, he and his brother Charles ran a business colossus while furthering a libertarian agenda that reshaped American politics.

6 Google Tricks That Will Turn You Into an Internet Detective

24 Aug 2019 02:20

Even if you’re already a Google pro, these tricks will get you to your desired results even faster.

What to Do When You’ve Said the Wrong Thing

24 Aug 2019 02:20

Assess the harm. Don’t “catastrophize.” Take responsibility.

To Promote Inclusivity, Stay Away from Personality Assessments

24 Aug 2019 02:20

Do personality tests like the Myers-Briggs help managers learn their team’s working styles, or just encourage them to hire and promote people like them?

Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30%

24 Aug 2019 01:24

The president said he would raise tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports to 30 percent and would start the next $300 billion at a rate of 15 percent.

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

23 Aug 2019 21:32

Venus Williams gets her due. A father-son journey in Iceland. How Uber got lost. The legacy of “Sesame Street.” And more.

Always Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? Here’s How to Quit Worrying

18 Aug 2019 21:15

There isn’t always something negative on the horizon.

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